Can there be a real estate training experience that’s like watching Netflix or browsing Amazon?

When it comes to the real estate profession, training is critical to the success of your brokerage. But are people at your brokerage really excited about training? Can they find everything they need in one place? Is their first onboarding experience engaging and compelling enough to help them make that first sale? Does it inspire and enable high-quality, lifelong learning? Most importantly, does training align with their performance goals? We spoke to several brokerages in Ontario and sadly, we found that the answer to all those questions is mostly no.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Most corporate learning experiences have evolved from endless lectures and death by PowerPoint. In fact, Fortune and Global 500 companies around the world are embracing the idea of a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) that can enable continuous learning in the flow of work.

We believe that this type of learning experience can greatly benefit the real estate industry. Agents are always on the go and need an on-demand and engaging platform that helps them build skills, improve performance, and align learning with their professional goals. That’s why we built Xsel.

What is Xsel?

If you’ve ever played a video game, watched a Netflix series, or browsed Amazon, then you’ve experienced the power of gamification and micro-learning. So, why isn’t there a learning platform built on the same technology that can engage and develop successful real estate agents? Well, there is now.

Xsel is an engaging, mobile-enabled lifelong learning experience platform exclusively designed for real estate professionals which centralizes all training programs and services for brokerages and agents into personalized, business-aligned learning journeys for measurable results.

What challenges does Xsel help brokerages solve?

Multiple skill gaps in newly licensed agents that impact job readiness One of the top challenges we heard from brokerages is that newly licensed agents have multiple skill gaps when they start their career in real estate. From selling skills to communication, negotiation, and compliance, newly licensed agents have multiple skilling needs. Xcel not only enables agents to learn in the flow of work but also enables managers to monitor and measure their progress.

Multiple offerings with inconsistent quality and availability of training Xsel acts as a portal, curator, and repository of learning content and professional resources and consolidates your internal digital learning ../assets and external content available through experts or on the internet. Through this technology, we provide a learning experience that aligns with the goals of your business and delivers quality content that produces more capable agents.

Fragmented training solutions across brokerages, individuals, and teams Today’s brokerage uses multiple training solutions as band-aids that fail to meet the broader business needs. This out-of-touch model leaves agents to learn and develop in siloes and as they progress in their career, they often lack the foundational knowledge needed for success. Xsel cuts through the lack of centralized repositories at brokerages to provide a consistent and engaging learning experience.

Learner experience and engagement is suboptimal Xsel helps you create customized onboarding journeys to engage each agent and help them build lifelong skills through structured, high-quality training and curated content organized in a personalized learning path. These learning paths reduce time to competence and provide agents with targeted learning to improve proficiency and performance.

Lack of analytics and benchmarking to measure success Where traditional Learning Management Systems have come up short, modern LXPs like Xsel have more broadly embedded metrics with learning journeys. Xcel’s analytics system offers a bird’s eye view of employee onboarding and can be tied directly to performance management, intervention training, and coachable moments. This focus on gaining analytical insight enables brokerages to understand how learning has influenced an agent’s performance and how to best support them with additional training.

Why Xsel?

Because Xsel opens new doors for your business as the first skills development platform designed exclusively for real estate professionals and brokerages. By empowering you to effectively train and coach your people, influence their professional growth, and experience maximum ROI. The real estate market is in a constant state of change and so is your business. Embrace that change and accelerate your success with Xsel.